Distilling Dreams

A Documentary Film

Tax Deductible In-Kind Donations

Distilling Dreams is able to accept donations of a non-cash tangible goods such as equipment or office supplies for direct use in the production the film.

Receipts will be issued by the IDA to the producer, Laura Creecy, who will provide it to the donor.  The receipt IDA issues, in accordance with IRS regulations, will not specify a dollar amount for the deduction. IDA will simply describe the goods donated in detail, and the donor will have the responsibility of quantifying the donation and confirming its deductibility. Donors with questions about the deductibility of a non-cash contribution should contact their tax professional. 

Types of goods we are currently looking for: 

  • Sony FS7 or FS5 Camera and Accessories, including shoulder mounts and rigs
  • Canon L Series Prime or Zoom Lenses or equivalent 
  • GoPro Cameras & Accessories
  • Nikon 360 Action Cameras
  • Sennheiser Lavalier & Boom Microphones
  • Pelican Cases & Camera bags
  • 12TB RAID Harddrives 
  • 6TB External Harddrives
  • Software Subscriptions for Avid and Adobe 
  • Mac Computers & Accessories 
  • Broadcast Monitor 
  • Monitor Calibrators - Spyder or equivalent
  • General Office Supplies