Distilling Dreams

A Documentary Film


dis·till  [verb]:  To extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of

Distilling Dreams is an intimate feature length observational documentary following Andrew, Lisa, Chris, Cleveland, Joanna, Sal, and KB: a group of family and friends who opened Still Austin Whiskey Company in 2017, the first whiskey distillery in Austin, TX since prohibition.   

With no precedent for the construction of a distillery in Austin, or an existing supply chain in central Texas for the types and amount of grains Still Austin Whiskey Co. needs to produce their product, the  team builds from the ground up, working to convince their community about the regional importance of their Grain to Glass approach to whiskey making.  It will reveal and humanize the private struggles each of us experience when we take giant risks at any stage in life.  It embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, and ultimately is about the pursuit of finding one’s own happiness. 

Sacrifice, risk, long hours, the film will follow Still Austin Whiskey Company over 5 years, from concept, to opening their first barrel of aged product.

Coming Spring of 2021